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Spread pest control products with ease using a sprayer. Sprayers range from small handheld types, to 4 gallon backpack designs and stand-alone wheel pump models. Smaller sprayers can be used for specific sections of your home, for spot pest control. Handheld or deck sprayers usually have a handle at the top that is used for pumping, creating pressure in the tank, and a wand that is used to evenly spread the product in the tank. This type of wand can be especially useful for reaching into cracks and crevices, where insect pests often reside. Backpack sprayers strap onto the user's back for added stability, and often have a side bar for creating pressure in the tank. Be sure to check all parts of your sprayer regularly for wear, and purchase any replacement parts when necessary. We have a large line of Sprayers available to fit all your pest control needs.