Campfire Cooking

Camping has been a tradition for some families for generations, and part of the fun of roughing it is cooking at your campfire. The taste of freshly cooked bacon or cobbler, mixed with the aroma of smoke and wood from your fire, brings an element to your food that is unable to be duplicated in your home kitchen. Cooking on a campfire may be done over open flames or hot coals, and makes a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or dessert for the whole family.

One way to enjoy campfire cooking is over open flames. In general, this is done by placing your food on roasting or hot dog forks, and rotating the food over the flames. Be sure not to cook too early on a fire and only start cooking once the initial fire smoke has dissipated. Generally, the best time to start cooking over open flames is after the second batch of logs has been added. Roasting forks, while traditionally used for brats, metts, and hotdogs, may also hold boneless cuts of meat securely, such as chicken breast or pork. As with any cooking method, be sure to check the internal temperature of the meat for doneness before enjoying it.

Another way to cook with a fire is over coals, once the fire has burnt down a bit. Coals provide an even heat, and can be moved to adjust to the desired temperature. Grill grates may be placed over the coals for cooking your burgers, fish, or roasting corn, while pie irons and popcorn poppers may rest directly in the coals. Cast iron cooking tools heat evenly, stay hot quite some time after cooking, and are hardy enough to last for generations with proper care. All cast iron cookware should be seasoned prior to first use and occasionally thereafter. To season, simply wipe with oil and placed in the heat so that the oil can penetrate the cooking surfaces.

One of the best ways to complete any meal is with a sweet dessert, and plenty can be made over a campfire. While marshmallows have always been a favorite to cook on the flames, a wealth of other dessert options exist for campfire enthusiasts. Use a Pie Iron to create unlimited variations of handheld treats. Place buttered bread slices (buttered side down on the iron) on either side of your pie iron and add a spoonful or two of any pie filling to create a piping hot dessert after only a couple of minutes in the coals. Use your waffle irons and specialized s'more makers to help you create other versatile and tasty snacks and desserts.

Part of the fun of campfire cooking is experimenting with your ingredients and using your cookware in new and unusual ways. Campfire cookbooks and cooking logs provide lots of great ideas for new meals, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with your own gourmet touch. A couple of our favorite recipes appear below:

Barbeque Pork Pocket
1 Round Cast Iron Pie Iron
2 Slices buttered bread
1/4 cup pre-cooked pulled pork
1 Spoonful of your favorite barbeque sauce

Place each slice of buttered bread buttered side down on each half of your pre-heated pie iron. Add the pork and barbeque sauce in the center of one slice of bread. Close the pie iron, lock the handles, and trim the excess bread from the sides of the iron. Cook until the bread has browned, wait several minutes, and enjoy!

Warm Apple Delight
1 Fork roaster
1 Apple of your choice
1 Tbs sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Place a fresh apple on the end of a roasting fork, and roast the apple until heated through. Quarter the apple, sprinkle the pieces with the cinnamon and sugar, and enjoy!

Cooking over a fire is a perfect way to gather friends and family together, for a wholesome and inclusive meal time. With open flames or a bed of hot coals, the right tools, and a bit of know-how, virtually anyone can become a gourmet campfire chef. We carry a complete line of grills, grates, pie irons, cookbooks, accessories, and even fire pits. Check out the items below and be sure to visit our Grilling and Fire Pits departments to check out all of our exciting products.