Attract Ladybugs

Ladybugs, also called ladybirds or lady beetles, are the most well known of all beneficial insects and one of the gardener's best friends. These insects feed on other, more harmful soft-bodied insects. Aphids, scale insects, and other garden pests which can easily damage plants are a lady beetle's main food source, and thus these critters can help protect your plants from ruin.

You can encourage ladybugs to visit your garden by offering a ladybug house. Many ladybugs will roost together during the winter, hibernating in a large colony. Ladybug houses usually have slits, rather than doors or holes, for openings, mimicking logs and rocks where lady beetles hide or live during the winter. These roosts provide a safe haven during the colder months, and offer a place for the insects to lay their eggs or metamorphose. As the temperature warms, ladybugs become more active, moving out into gardens or fields.

Another great way to invite ladybugs to your yard is to plant lady beetle specific flowers, such as angelica or dill. Weeds, like dandelions, wild carrot, or yarrow are also a ladybug favorite, and allowing them to grow will certainly bring ladybugs to your area. Spraying your plants with wheast, a combination of whey and yeast, will also attract lady beetles, and minimizing use of pesticides or chemicals will help keep the garden growing. Allowing ladybugs to act as your pest control will help create a beautiful, healthy garden without the need for pesticides. Attract them to your yard with specialized houses and flowers. Browse our complete line of ladybug houses by visiting the Ladybug Houses department.