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Vita Gardens Mezza Cedar Keyhole Garden Bed, Brown, 6' x 6'
Unlock the nutrients contained in your kitchen scraps with help from this Vita Gardens Brown Mezza Cedar Keyhole Garden Bed. Placing this significant, cedar unit in your yard not only creates wonderful planting spots for a few crops; it also has a composting basket to repurpose your kitchen scraps. A bevy of aluminum channel posts allows you to situate the cedar boards in a few different ways to best suit your yard, and the traditional, "U" shaped configuration places the composting basket at the front of the piece. Over time, the matter placed in this 24" wide area will deteriorate, turning into nutrient rich compost for spreading throughout the raised bed. This finished product not only provides added nutrients to your plants; its moisture rich composition can also lead to significantly less water use. Crafted from sustainably sourced, FSC cedar, the frame naturally repels insect damage, and remains lovely and usable for many seasons. A water based, food safe stain enhances the brown tone throughout the unit, while the varied knots and grain highlight the cedar construction. Its posts and boards rest on a level surface in your soil, and the piece assembles easily without hardware or screws. Create gardening space in your lawn easily with this Brown Mezza Cedar Keyhole Garden Bed. Assembly required. One year warranty.

Dimensions: 72"L x 72"W x 22"H
Mounting: place on ground
Construction: cedar boards, aluminum posts
Mfg. Warranty: 1 year warranty
Brand: Vita Gardens
Item Number: VIG-VT17707
Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Available soon.

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