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Ground Sleeve for Round Pulley Poles by Prime Retreat


Secure and stabilize your existing, 1.9" outer diameter, pulley system pole in your garden soil with this Ground Sleeve for Round Pulley Poles by Prime Retreat. Using a socket for your existing pole not only allows you to move the main shaft for maintenance; it also helps keep the pole and your top accent upright and sturdy. This sleeve's HDPE extruded plastic body creates a robust base, and the 18" length installs deeply into soil. Its 2.125" outer diameter snugly holds your existing, 1.9" outer diameter pole section in place, and the charcoal tone meshes with the outdoors. Cement the sleeve in soil for a permanent installation, and remove the lowest pole section as needed for mowing or other maintenance. Help your existing pulley system pole remain upright in your yard with this Ground Sleeve for Round Pulley Poles. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 2.125" dia. x 18.125"H
Mounting: place in ground, surround with concrete
Construction: plastic

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Brand: Prime Retreat
Item Number: PRT-4419
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