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Pot de Creme Hummingbird Feeder, Moon & Stars, Green, 7 oz.
Showcase your love of antique glass using the Parasol Pot de Crème Hummingbird Feeder. This convenient feeder offers a familiar shape, based on custard cups from the 1700s, and its straightforward design makes it great for beginning birders. A raised pattern throughout the glass vessel mimics the moon and stars pattern popular on pressed glass from the 1930s and onward, combining eras in your garden like never before. Raised ovals along the top half of the feeder create texture on the piece, while smaller circles on the bottom half sport star figures. A starburst pattern on the bottom of the item continues the look, creating a cohesive effect. The vivid green vessel holds 7 ounces of nectar, and its glass construction enhances your foliage. Two red, glass feeding flowers insert into the vessel, creating feeding ports for hummingbirds. The ports align with perches on the black metal hanger, offering a resting spot for the birds. A glass, decanter style lid covers the top of the feeder, protecting nectar from insects, and this part removes for easy refills and cleaning. Attach the included, 2.25" long "S" hook to the top of the metal frame, to hang this feeder from a bracket or other hook. The vessel and feeding flowers are hand blown, adding a touch of individual artistry to the piece, and the recycled glass construction forms an environmentally friendly feeder and one of the most popular available. Add a celestial look to your yard using this Pot de Crème Hummingbird Feeder.

Birds that use this feeder:
  • hummingbirds
Seed or Feed Options: nectar
Capacity: 7 oz.; 2 ports
Dimensions: 6"L x 5.25"W x 5"H frame, 4.25" dia. x 3.75"H vessel
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: glass, metal
Brand: Parasol
Item Number: PAR-PDCMSG
Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Available soon.
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