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Parasol Droplet Botanica Hummingbird Feeder & Moat, Hibiscus
Bring beautiful blooms to the forefront of your bird garden with this Parasol Hibiscus Droplet Botanica Hummingbird Feeder and Ant Moat. This classic package includes both a glass hummingbird feeder and a metal ant moat, each with handpainted red hibiscus blooms to celebrate the natural world. Deep green leaves and white stamens contrast the red flowers, and add striking realism to the artwork. The clear, glass feeder orb holds 6 ounces of nectar, which hummingbirds can reach via the included, red glass feeding flower. This design keeps nectar levels visible, and the flower removes in moments for refilling. An included, black metal "S" hook attaches to a glass loop on the feeder, and the metal ant moat connects here to protect the nectar from crawling insects. This moat holds 4 ounces of water easily, forming a humane and straightforward deterrent. The feeder's compact size makes it easy to dot a few of these around your yard, and the red blooms on both pieces offer a unified look. Enhance your bird garden with tropical flowers using this Hibiscus Droplet Botanica Hummingbird Feeder and Ant Moat.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Parasol Droplet Botanica Hummingbird Feeder, Hibiscus
Qty 1 Parasol Botanica Handpainted Ant Moat, Black, Red Hibiscus

Birds that use this feeder:
  • hummingbirds
Seed or Feed Options: nectar
Capacity: 6 oz., 1 port
Feeder Dimensions: 3.75"L x 3"W x 3"H
Feeder Mounting: may be hung
Feeder Construction: glass
Brand: Parasol
Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Available soon.
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