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Panacea Moisture Keeper Trough Coco Liner, 36"L


Retain moisture within your deck mounted trough style planters using this Panacea Moisture Keeper Trough Coco Liner. Using this dual liner inside your existing, 36" long planter not only adds a classic look to it; it also helps keep soil tidy and hydrated for a healthy plant. A brown, coco fiber exterior easily rests inside your existing planter frame, and its natural tone contrasts the green of your plants. A clear plastic liner within this creates a water tight seal, and a few raised lines here add structure. Drainage holes prevent overwatering of the roots, and a top, flared lip keeps this piece secure within your planter. Ensure the plants in your deck planters remain lovely and healthy using this Moisture Keeper Trough Coco Liner.

Dimensions: 36.5"L x 9"W x 9"H
Construction: coco fibers, plastic

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Brand: Panacea Products
Item Number: PAP-82354
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Your Price: $29.99
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