Intruder The Better Rodentrap�
Intruder The Better Rodentrap
Intruder The Better RodentrapIntruder The Better RodentrapIntruder The Better Rodentrap


Deter pesky rodents from invading your household space by using the ingenious Intruder The Better Rodentrap™. This invaluable design gives you a painless and practical way to handle unwanted pests in your garden, yard, or den, letting you keep your space rodent free. This hardy, sizable trap flaunts a stainless steel spring for clamping and holding down rats, chipmunks, or gophers with 30% more force than comparable units, making sure you are no longer victimized by stolen bait and sprung traps. A built-in hook at the top of the item lets you easily tie or nail it in place for extra stability, while its intuitive, grooved tongue holds the bait securely once you've set it. Non-absorbent, molded plastic helps efficiently suffocate the rodent or pest, ensuring that blood, odor, and any other mess will not get in the way of simple disposal. Just squeeze the top of the unit once a catch has been made to allow the tongue of the trap to easily push the rodent out for a no-touch disposal experience, giving you a hygienic and reliable security tool. Reuse this expansive trap when rodent issues persist; merely rinse the unit with soapy, warm water to prepare it for repeated, reliable functionality. Stop unwanted visitors from ruining your yard or indoor space by using the durable and handy The Better Rodentrap™. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 7.5"L x 4"W x 3.375"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: plastic

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Brand: Intruder Products
Item Number: INP-16525
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