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Esschert Design Peaked Roof Solitary Bee House
Offer beneficial bees a great roosting spot using the Esschert Design Peaked Roof Solitary Bee House. Several different bee species, including the hornfaced and orchard bee, prefer an individual nest rather than living in a colony, and are quite welcome pollinators in many gardens. These bees tend to be mild mannered, and commonly nest in predrilled holes. As they cannot excavate their own holes, offering them an appropriate shelter in your backyard often entices them to stay in the area. The wooden A-frame on this home adds an exciting shape to the item, while snugly accommodating a wealth of reed tubes. The dark brown color of the roof and base blend with your backyard, and the tubes create places for female bees to lay several eggs. The young will emerge in the spring, ready to pollinate your garden once again. A keyhole opening on the back of the roost enables it to attach to a wall or tree in moments, and the wooden body lends a natural feel. Create a welcome spot for bees in your yard with this Peaked Roof Solitary Bee House.

Dimensions: 4.5"L x 5.625"W x 7.75"H
Mounting: wall mount
Construction: wood, reeds
Brand: Esschert Design
Item Number: ESD-WA19
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