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Esschert Design Bee Shaped Solitary Bee House
Charm the insect visitors in your garden while offering solitary bees a convenient home using this Esschert Design Bee Shaped Solitary Bee House. The recognizable silhouette and wooden body bring delightful style to your backyard, and will help beneficial bees find perfect roosting spots. Female orchard and hornfaced bees use holes in wood to lay their eggs, and this unit offers them a wealth of choices. Its bevy of round openings extends throughout the wooden body, where the eggs can mature until the young exit the home in the spring. The shape of the shelter mimics a bee in flight, with extended wings and a horizontal body. Use the attached chain to hang this unit from a hook, adding slight movement and drama to the piece. Help beneficial bee species thrive by offering them shelter in this Bee Shaped Solitary Bee House.

Dimensions: 7"L x 3.125"W x 6"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: wood
Brand: Esschert Design
Item Number: ESD-WA04
Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Available soon.
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