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Bonide Fruit Tree and Plant Guard Conc., 32 oz., Pack of 2
Keep your home orchard free of insects and diseases with Bonide Fruit Tree and Plant Guard Concentrate. This concentrate acts as a both a fungicide and insecticide, providing thorough protection for your apple, peach, and almond trees, as well as your ornamental trees and flowers. Mix 2 ounces of this product with a gallon of water in a garden sprayer, and apply it as a foliar spray when insects or diseases are present. The proprietary formula may be applied during the dormant, green tip, petal fall, or fruit set stage, and is even safe for use on edible crops. Stop insects and diseases from harming your favorite ornamental plants or fruit trees with this Fruit Tree and Plant Guard Concentrate. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack includes 2 bottles of Bonide Fruit Tree and Plant Guard Concentrate.

Active Ingredients: Lambda-cyhalothrin: 0.5%
Pyraclostrobin: 3.06%
Boscalid: 5.622%
Other Ingredients: 90.818%
Container Size: 32 fl. oz. each
Yield: up to 16 gallons per bottle
Method of Application: garden sprayer

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