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Bonide Organic Wilt Stop Plant Protector Concentrate, 1 gal
Protect your outdoor plants from sun and wind damage using this Bonide Organic Wilt Stop Plant Protector Concentrate. This fantastic, all natural concentrate forms a barrier on your plants, shielding them from drought, transplant shock, salt damage, and sun scald. The product, based on pine tree resin, mixes with water easily, and may be sprayed on the foliage of your cut flowers, evergreens, transplants, and shrubs. Once the solution dries, it forms a film on the leaves to prevent moisture loss, while allowing plants to continue growing naturally. One application of this spray lasts all season, and this gallon can make up to 10 gallons of product. Help your plants retain their moisture and thrive during harsh weather using this Organic Wilt Stop Plant Protector Concentrate. Made in the USA.

Active Ingredient: Pinene: 25%
Other Ingredients: 75%
Bottle Size: 128 fl. oz.
Yield: up to 10 gallons
Method of Application: garden sprayer

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