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BestNest Deluxe Birding Station Kit, Black, 8' 6"H
Provide your backyard birds a beautiful dining and bathing spot with this BestNest Deluxe Birding Station Kit. Adding this versatile, wrought iron unit to your yard transforms it into a birding haven in moments, and the modular design makes installation simple. The Achla Birding Pole Corkscrew In-Ground Base creates a stable support for this fantastic kit, its auger and pointed end inserting into soil for strength. Attach the included Achla Birding Pole, Achla Birding Pole Extension, and Achla Birding Pole Top Section to this base to create a generous, 83" tall display. The 24" long, Pole Extension piece may be removed for a shorter display, providing a wealth of versatility. Sleeves on the top pole section accommodate the two steel Achla Downcurled Brackets, creating spots for you to hang the included feeders. Clamp the included Achla Pole Mounted Bird Bath Bracket onto the body of the pole to complete the striking frame. The black color and wrought iron construction of the pole forms a classic station, enhancing your backyard for many seasons. Add a preening spot for your birds by attaching the threaded base of the included Achla Heart-Shaped Bird Bath onto the bracket. Its copper hue contrasts the black of the pole, and its deep basin holds plenty of water. Further enhance this unit by hanging the included Whitehall Pinecone Tube Bird Feeder and Whitehall Pinecone Suet Feeder to the top brackets. This allows you to offer not only mixed seed, but also suet or a seed cake on the piece, enticing a bevy of birds to visit. The aluminum construction of these feeders remains durable, and their dark bronze hue complements the bath perfectly. The feeders both open easily for cleaning and refilling, and the generous roof on each protects food from the elements. The different feeders and bath handily attract specific birds to your garden, while the modular design of the pole provides a wealth of placement options. The metal construction of each piece creates a lasting station, while the striking colors enhance your garden. Transform your backyard into a bird watching paradise by placing this Deluxe Birding Station Kit in it. Assembly required. Whitehall feeders made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Achla Birding Pole Corkscrew In-Ground Base
Qty 1 Achla Birding Pole, Black, 32"L x 1" OD
Qty 1 Achla Birding Pole Extension, Black, 24"
Qty 1 Achla Birding Pole Top Section with Two Holders, Black, 28"
Qty 2 Achla Downcurled Brackets, Black, 15.5"
Qty 1 Achla Pole Mounted Bird Bath Bracket, Black, 12"
Qty 1 Achla Heart-Shaped Bird Bath, Copper Colored
Qty 1 Whitheall Pinecone Tube Bird Feeder, French Bronze
Qty 1 Whitehall Pinecone Suet Feeder, French Bronze

Pole Dimensions: 32.5"L x 15.5"W x 102"H overall
Mounting: place auger in ground, attach pole sections to auger, hang feeders, attach bath to bracket
Construction: wrought iron post, aluminum feeders, steel bath
Brand: BestNest
Item Number: BN-BRDFDR-KIT
Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Available soon.
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