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Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath with Spindle Pedestal Kit
Add a timeless adornment to your bird garden while showcasing a few of your hobbies with this Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath with Spindle Pedestal Kit. This combination of a bird bath, horizontal sundial, and ornate support help you create a busy bird garden, and the bronze and gray tones add a striking, aged effect. A narrow platform attaches to the edge of the 12.5" diameter, Whitehall French Bronze Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath, extending inward to evoke a dock. A figurine of a young boy holding a fishing rod sits at the end of this dock, and the rod wonderfully creates the gnomon for a working dial. Raised, Roman numerals sit on the 1" wide lip of this bowl, and the shadow cast by the gnomon forms the functional timepiece. Fill this 1.5" deep basin with water, offering birds a place to preen and drink. The flat bottom of this accent rests neatly atop the included Rome Antique Cast Aluminum Spindle Pedestal without any hardware or other connections, and its bronze and gold hues contrast the gray of the pedestal. The inward and outward curves of this stand further the spindle motif, while its 8.25" diameter base is simple to rest on a level surface. Its 6.75" diameter top is just the right size for resting the bath on it, allowing you to remove the basin for refilling in moments. Lighter gray and beige hints throughout the charcoal tone on the pedestal lend it an aged appearance, and the aluminum construction of both items remains durable for seasons of service. Enjoy spending time watching the birds in your garden frolic in this Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath with Spindle Pedestal Kit. Assembly required. Bird bath made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Whitehall Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath, French Bronze
Qty 1 Rome Cast Aluminum Spindle Pedestal, Antique, 28"

Sundial Dimensions: 12.5" dia. x 6"H
Pedestal Dimensions: 8.25" dia. x 28"H, 6.75" dia. top
Mounting: rest bath on top of pedestal, place pedestal on level surface
Construction: aluminum
Brand: BestNest
Item Number: BN-01262-B32
Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Available soon.
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