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BestNest.com Newsletter
Feb 4, 2004

The BestNest.com Newsletter offers fascinating content on backyard birding and wildlife conservation as well as information about upcoming specials, additional online content, and new product offerings.

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  • Bird Profile: Purple Martins
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Current Clearance Items
We have many products currently in our clearance section. The products below are just a few!

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New At The Nest
We are very excited about the new products we have to offer this month. We have recently added many new products, the products below are just a few!

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Arundale So Much Seed / Time Mug
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Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Bird Feeding Package
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Bird Profile: Purple Martins
Each month in 2004, BestNest will be featuring a species profile for the birds about which we receive the most comments and questions. We hope these profiles are both educational and entertaining, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve them. Enjoy!

February 2004: Purple Martins

It is believed that people have been attracting purple martin colonies for over 1000 years. Ancient Native Americans used natural gourds to attract purple martins long before European settlers arrived, and discovered the benefits of having a purple martin colony nearby. This relationship between man and bird has evolved to the extent that all purple martins east of the Mississippi rely on man-made housing! Let's look at what makes purple martins so special.

Purple Martins are actually part of the swallow family. They are prominent in the eastern half of North America and along the western coast of the United States. Adult males are easily identified because of their dark iridescent purple plumage. Adult females are more subdued in their color with a grayish breast and forehead. Sub adults are more lightly colored than the fully developed purple martins, with sub adult males resembling adult females and sub adult females having nearly white bellies. Purple martins only consume flying insects, so it is necessary for them to migrate to South America during the winter months. The majority of purple martins winter in southern and eastern Brazil and return to North America around January 15 (southern Florida and Texas) through mid spring (Maine and southern Canada).

There are many benefits to attracting purple martins. First, they consume large amounts of flying insects. Flies, mosquitoes, and wasps are all part of the purple martin's diet. Secondly, they return year after year to the same location. Having a safe refuge to return to helps the martins by reducing the amount of time searching for housing. That time can be spent foraging for food, breeding, and protecting their nesting site, which greatly increases the survival rate of the species. The most important benefit may be that purple martins are both beautiful and exciting to watch. They are extremely agile fliers, and millions of people enjoy watching them soar in the air above the colony house. The males also perform their "dawn song" in late spring to attract sub adult purple martins to the colony. At dawn, the adult males fly above the colony house and sing loudly. The singing can be heard for up to 30 square miles and is exciting to experience during the late spring. Also, many people enjoy watching the colony grow by checking on the nestlings and sub adult birds throughout the season. Becoming a purple martin landlord can be a thrilling and interesting hobby!

If you are interested in attracting purple martins, now is the time to begin! Martins typically return to North America as follows:

Feb 1: Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina

Mar 1: N. Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, New Mexico, Arizona

Apr 1: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Eastern States, Oregon

May 1: Maine, Canada

BestNest.com has one of the largest selections of purple martin house and gourd systems, accessories, and books available anywhere. If you are interested in getting started as a purple martin landlord, please visit our website at www.bestnest.com Our learning center has valuable information on attracting purple martins and in-depth product reviews. If you would like more personal assistance, please email us at customerservice@bestnest.com or call us at 877-369-5446.

The BestNest.com Giveaway Winner is Carol Thurk!
CONGRATULATIONS to Carol Thurk who just won a new Terra Cotta Hummingbird Thermometer! To claim your prize, please send an email to customerservice@bestnest.com and include your address information and telephone number. We may follow-up with a phone call to verify your address information and identity. Congratulations!

Next issue, our winner will receive a new:
Garden Charm Hummingbird Feeder Gift Set
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