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The BestNest.com Newsletter offers fascinating content on backyard birding and wildlife conservation as well as information about upcoming specials, additional online content, and new product offerings.

A: The summer feeding season, filled with a wide variety of bird species at different points in their life cycles, can be quite enjoyable. In the winter, however, feeding can still prove to be rewarding. As insects begin to disappear, and herbacious foods start to become scarce, it is more important than ever to feed the birds. Feeding sunflower and safflower seeds, thistle, and suet can provide the extra protein and fats that birds need to survive the harsh winter months. If you are just beginning to feed, autumn is the perfect time to get started. Beginning early will help the birds build your feeder into their winter feeding routines. Continue feeding throughout the winter months, for it is most important to feed when birds' food supplies are scarce.

A: No. Birds migrate instinctively based on the length of each day. When the days become short, the birds begin migrating south. Leaving your feeders up will help them in their travels!

A: Hummingbirds begin to migrate to warmer climates in late fall. It is a common misconception that hummers leave when the food supply is low. In fact, their migration patterns depend on the length of day. Take your feeder down a couple of weeks after you see your last hummingbird visitor. Your feeder may give a lagging hummer an extra boost of energy that it needs for its long journey.

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