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The BestNest.com Newsletter offers fascinating content on backyard birding and wildlife conservation as well as information about upcoming specials, additional online content, and new product offerings.

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Q. What does the Ladybug Village do?
A. It successfully shelters hibernating ladybugs in winter. It helps habituate purchased or introduced ladybugs to a new location. It helps educate people about an important and beneficial insect. It is an attractive and useful garden ornament.

Q. Does it really work?
A. It really works! In fall, you must physically place ladybugs in the shelter (just before dark on a cold day). Once they are in the shelter, they will stay there for the winter as long as the weather stays cold (below 40 degrees). In spring, if you purchase live ladybugs (from mail order catalogs or garden centers), place them in the Ladybug Village. This prevents them from immediately disbursing and flying away.

Q. Where do you find ladybugs?
A. In Fall as soon as it gets cold, you can find ladybugs trying to crawl in the crevices of your house, especially around the windows and doors. Ladybugs need cold temperatures to hibernate. They usually die if left inside a warm house all winter. You may also find them under leaves in your garden. You can purchase live ladybugs at many garden centers or through the mail. A toll-free number for ordering live ladybugs is included in the instructions.

Q. What attracts ladybugs to the Ladybug Village?
A. Once ladybugs are in the shelter, they release their pheromone scent that attracts other ladybugs. Eau de Ladybug, a pheromone-based liquid attractant, is also available to lure ladybugs to your shelter or garden. The crevice entrance simulates the areas ladybugs seek out naturally. The special grooves in the back wall encourage the head hiding behavior which many ladybugs use during hibernation.

Q. When should you use the Ladybug Village?
A. Use it in the spring, as a shelter for purchased or introduced ladybugs. (Place them in the refrigerator for a few hours and put them in the shelter just before dark.) In fall, use it as a hibernating shelter for over-wintering ladybugs. It is helpful to place very thin wood shavings, shredded newspaper strips or dried leaves inside the shelter. Ladybugs do not use shelters in summer but they are more likely to use the Ladybug Village in fall if it is an accepted part of their habitat. Leave the shelter out all year round.

Information provided by the Birding Company, manufacturer of the Original Ladybug Village, Ladybug Cabin Combo, Ladybug Lunch, and Ladybug Attractant sold at http://www.bestnest.com/bestnest/ladybug_houses.asp

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