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BestNest.com Newsletter
August 7, 2012

The BestNest.com Newsletter offers fascinating content on backyard wildlife and outdoor activities as well as information on new products and specials. We will never sell your email address, and you can stop receiving our email newsletter at any time.

  • Sales & Specials
  • New at the Nest
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  • Importance of Back Up Pumps
Sales & Specials
We've decided to run a special on a handful of products. Act now on the following "Hot Buys" because the special ends on Monday, August 13th. Be sure to check out all of our exciting specials by visiting the Hot Buys department regularly.

Wing & A Prayer Chateau House, Verdigris Roof
Reg: †$294.99
Sale:$229.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

CobraCo Three-Sided Gazebo Arch
Reg: †$132.99
Sale:$88.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Dura-Trel Picnic Table w/ Unattached Benches, 6'
Reg: †$449.99
Sale:$329.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Droll Yankees Yankee Whipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Reg: †$119.99
Sale:$74.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping Over $75

Heath Le Grande Gazebo Bird Feeder
Reg: †$112.99
Sale:$82.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Home Bazaar Clubhouse Bird House
Reg: †$149.99
Sale:$99.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Heartwood Songbird Suite, Olive Green
Reg: †$174.99
Sale:$129.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Panacea Deluxe Log Rack with Cover, Black, 8'
Reg: †$112.99
Sale:$74.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping Over $75

Pondmaster HY Drive Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pump, 4000 GPH
Reg: †$344.99
Sale:$244.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

New at the Nest
Our customers are valuable to us. We continually search for new and better ways to serve you. In an effort to better meet your needs, BestNest aggressively adds new products to the website. Some of the new and exciting products that we've added are shown below. Be sure to check out our New Items department regularly.

Achla Garden Gazing Globe, Black Smoke, 6" dia.
Reg: †$19.99
Now: $17.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Achla Garden Gazing Globe, Fern Green Crackle, 6" dia.
Reg: †$19.99
Now: $17.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Achla Garden Gazing Globe, Mandarin Crackle, 6" dia.
Reg: †$24.99
Now: $21.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Achla Crackle Glass Bird Bath Bowl w/ Cradle & Stake, Teal
Reg: †$84.99
Now: $62.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Beckett Professional Pond Pump, W600, 600 gph
Reg: †$119.99
Now: $97.99
Free Shipping

C&S Mealworm Feast Bird Seed w/ Nuggets, 3.5 lbs., Pack of 6
Reg: †$72.99
Now: $54.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Little Giant Submersible Pump w/Switch ES33D1, 3120 gph @ 5'
Reg: †$239.99
Now: $162.99
Free Shipping

Little Giant F-Series Wet Rotor Pump, F40-5500, 5540 gph
Reg: †$320.00
Now: $219.99
Free Shipping

Little Giant F-Series Wet Rotor Pump, F70-7300, 7365 gph
Reg: †$470.00
Now: $279.99
Free Shipping

A few of our deeply discounted items appear below. These items feature exceptional savings and value but are not all of our sale items. More discounted items may be found in their corresponding departments. Be sure to check out some of our other exciting deals by visiting the Clearance department regularly.

DRAMM Sunrise Rain Wand, Orange, 30"
Reg: †$22.99
Free Shipping Over $75

DRAMM Screen-Aire Nursery Watering End with Aerated Flow
Reg: †$44.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Dura-Trel Grapevine Arch Trellis, White, 75"H
Reg: †$74.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Gardman Strawberry Sunflower and Nut Bird Feeder
Reg: †$7.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Heath Cedar Hopper Bird Feeder
Reg: †$19.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Home Bazaar Advent Calendar Bird House
Reg: †$129.99
Free Shipping Over $75

K&H Thermo-Pond Pond Deicer, 100 Watts
Reg: †$57.99
Free Shipping Over $75

La Crosse Wireless Forecast Station
Reg: †$64.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Opus Whimsy Bird Feeder
Reg: †$27.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Importance of Back Up Pumps
Home waterscapes are ideal spots for relaxing and enjoying nature. Unfortunately, when a pump goes out, they can quickly become anything but peaceful. Luckily, there are some easy steps to take that will help make the situation less stressful when your pond pump inevitably fails. Having a backup pond pump should be on the top of your list.

Water pumps, as mechanical items, will at some time cease functioning. Most brands have a warranty on them, making replacement straightforward. If the pump fails at the beginning of a weekend, or worse, during a holiday weekend, it could a week or more before a replacement arrives. It takes only a few days for water to stagnate in the summer, or freeze in the winter if you run your pump year round. In warmer months, still water can harbor mosquito eggs, low oxygen levels, and algae blooms; all of which harm your fish and other aquatic life. An algae bloom, if severe, can even clog a new pump if not properly protected. During the winter, if you live in an area with freezing weather, running your pump during this time can help release gases harmful to fish, which would otherwise be trapped by ice in a still pond. The products and effort required to restore the pondís balance can often lead to expenses greater than having simply purchased a backup pump.

When deciding on a backup pump, you may want to take note of several factors. Do you know the gallon per hour rating for your existing pump? What volume of water does it move at its current head height? This type of information is often overlooked, but crucial in determining proper pump size. Many of us have pumps we currently enjoy, which have lasted quite a long time, and produce the exact flow we desire. After that pump stops working, however, the specifications of it are often forgotten, and its label has worn, faded, or is missing. Keeping a written record of the model number, manufacturer, pump size, wattage, and flow can help ensure that if an exact replacement is no longer available, a suitable replacement pump can be found. Noting the cord length and serial number of your pump, as well as the fitting sizes, can also prevent installation headaches. The latter can be particularly important if using a different model pump as a backup, as it can prevent having to switch out fittings at a time which is already stressful. Keeping fittings and adapters in place on your pump allows you to install the backup quickly and easily, for immediate restoration of water flow.

There can be some potential pitfalls when purchasing a pump solely for use as a backup. The warranty on pumps begins on the purchase date, rather than the date of installation. If you purchase both a pump for your feature, as well as a backup at the same time, the secondary pump may no longer be under its warranty when the main pump fails. If you wish to just keep the water moving, a smaller, magnetic drive pump will still meet these needs. These units, while likely not the same flow as your main pump, often have longer warranties than their direct drive or hybrid counterparts. If compromising the flow of your water feature for even a short amount of time is not an option, which is often the case for those with fish, then purchasing two of the same pump at one time can be a good option.

Your home water garden is meant for relaxation and enjoyment, and keeping it healthy will allow you to benefit from it throughout the seasons. Keeping a backup pump on hand is one of the simplest ways to ensure your pond remains healthy without interruption. BestNest carries a full line of Pond Pumps to meet your needs. For more personal assistance, feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives toll free at 877-562-1818 or internationally at 513-232-4225 from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Beckett Professional Pond Pump, W3500, 3500 gph
Reg: †$179.99
Sale:$134.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Cal Pump Direct Drive Waterfall Pump, 2500 gph
Reg: †$219.99
Sale:$134.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Cal Pump Direct Drive Waterfall Pump, 5500 gph
Reg: †$324.99
Sale:$179.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Cal Pump Direct Drive Torpedo Pump, 9900 gph
Reg: †$514.99
Sale:$314.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Little Giant Water Wizard Utility Pump, 5-MSP, 1200 gph
Reg: †$187.00
Sale:$96.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Little Giant High Volume Pump, 1200 gph
Reg: †$184.99
Sale:$102.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Little Giant Premium Pond Pump WGP-65-PW, 1900 gph
Reg: †$189.99
Sale:$114.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Pondmaster Pond-Mag 7 Pump, 700 gph
Reg: †$127.99
Sale:$87.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping

Pondmaster Hy-Drive Submersible Pump, 2500 gph
Reg: †$249.99
Sale:$167.99 thru 8/13
Free Shipping