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BestNest.com Newsletter
December 28, 2010

The BestNest.com Newsletter offers fascinating content on backyard wildlife and outdoor activities as well as information on new products and specials. We will never sell your email address, and you can stop receiving our email newsletter at any time.

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New at the Nest
Our customers are valuable to us. We continually search for new and better ways to serve you. In an effort to better meet your needs, BestNest aggressively adds new products to the website. Some of the new and exciting products that we've added are shown below. Be sure to check out our New Items department regularly.

BirdBrain Daddy-Oh Ceramic Bird Feeder, Red
Reg:  $39.99
Now: $34.99
Free Shipping Over $75

BirdBrain Bamboo Garden Stool
Reg:  $149.99
Now: $134.99
Free Shipping

BirdBrain Dahlia Firepot, Daisy
Reg:  $42.99
Now: $37.99
Free Shipping Over $75

BirdBrain Cypress Firepot, Multi Sky Blue
Reg:  $21.99
Now: $18.99
Free Shipping Over $75

BirdBrain Live Love Laugh Firepot
Reg:  $32.99
Now: $27.99
Free Shipping Over $75

BirdBrain Floral Splash Firepot
Reg:  $72.99
Now: $64.99
Free Shipping Over $75

BirdBrain Delmar Firepot, Pearl Shell
Reg:  $72.99
Now: $64.99
Free Shipping Over $75

BirdBrain Andromeda Firepot, Red Shell
Reg:  $42.99
Now: $37.99
Free Shipping Over $75

BirdBrain Sagara Firepot, Cut Shell
Reg:  $74.99
Now: $64.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Sales & Specials
We've decided to run a special on a handful of products. Act now on the following "Hot Buys" because the special ends on Monday, January 3rd. Be sure to check out all of our exciting specials by visiting the Hot Buys department regularly.

Allied Precision Heated Flat-Back Bucket, 5 gal.
Reg:  $49.99
Sale:$42.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping Over $75

Wing & A Prayer Magnolia Bird House, Hammered Copper Roof
Reg:  $229.99
Sale:$174.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping

Wild Bird Seed Mix, Divine Blend, 50 lbs
Reg:  $79.99
Sale:$54.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping Over $75

Dura-Trel Camelot Arbor, 85"H
Reg:  $289.99
Sale:$179.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping

Farm Innovators Heated Pet Bowl, 0.9 quarts, 25 Watts
Reg:  $24.99
Sale:$18.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping Over $75

Home Bazaar Pagoda Bird House
Reg:  $104.99
Sale:$74.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping Over $75

Heartwood Flutterbye House & Pole, White
Reg:  $72.99
Sale:$62.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping Over $75

Live Mealworms - 2,000 count
Reg:  $27.99
Sale:$19.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping Over $75

Panacea Giant Trellis, 108"H
Reg:  $74.99
Sale:$54.99 thru 1/3
Free Shipping Over $75

A few of our deeply discounted items appear below. These items feature exceptional savings and value but are not all of our sale items. More discounted items may be found in their corresponding departments. Be sure to check out some of our other exciting deals by visiting the Clearance department regularly.

Achla Botanic Pedestal, 49"
Reg:  $389.99
Free Shipping

Wing & A Prayer Purple Martin Manse, Hammered Copper Roof
Reg:  $699.99

BirdBrain Giant Stained Glass Wind Flapper, Cardinal
Reg:  $119.99
Free Shipping

DRAMM Handi-Wand, Red, 8"
Reg:  $11.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Gardman Rustic Rattan Hanging Basket with Holes, 14" dia.
Reg:  $18.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Mark Feldstein Wacky Waker Alarm Clock, Black Lab
Reg:  $12.99
Free Shipping Over $75

New England Yorkshire Arbor with Trim, Tan, 95.5"H
Reg:  $1,469.99
Free Shipping

New England Winchester Address Sign, Granite
Reg:  $239.99
Free Shipping

Woodlink Brushed Nickel Finch Feeder
Reg:  $37.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Make it a Green Holiday
After the holiday season, many of us wonder about alternatives for our older holiday décor, fruit, and even leftover food. Though most decorations are saved for future seasons, some perishable and worn decorations find their way to the trash. Before throwing these items away, consider reusing them. A great, and green, alternative is to recycle many of your items for the benefit of birds and other wildlife.

Birds and wildlife typically have a much harder time finding feed and good shelter in the winter. A fantastic way to help their plight is to reuse and convert your items for their benefit. One of the most popular and abundant decorations is the pinecone, which can easily double as a suet or seed feeder (use pinecones that have no glitter, glue, or other residue so they are safe for wildlife). Simply dip your pinecone in melted suet, let it cool in the suet, then hang it below an existing feeder or from a nearby tree branch. You can also roll the semi-cooled pinecone in seed or nuts to make a seed and suet combo feeder. Strands of popcorn are often a traditional adornment on trees, and once used, can offer wildlife sustenance. Remove the popcorn from its string, and place it in a bowl for the birds and squirrels. Fresh and dried fruit, leftovers, and stale or even moldy bread are also viable options for feeding to the birds. If you have an unheated bird bath in your yard, it can easily become a platform feeder during the winter months.

To assist birds with cold weather shelter, consider reusing your damaged or broken grapevine figurines. Old or damaged grapevine and wooden sculptures that once adorned the front yard may easily be moved to the back yard to create temporary winter shelter and topiaries or trellises in the spring. While providing a windbreak, perching area, and shelter in the winter, they can become truly remarkable in the spring and summer. Turn these decorations into trellises or topiaries by planting vines or climbing flowers and plants at their base. As the plants grow, they can turn these classic shapes into dramatic outdoor sculptures. In addition to revitalizing the yard, the topiaries offer added shelter to wildlife and will be even more effective the coming year.

Seasonal wreaths that have lost their luster needn't be completely discarded. Their silhouette offers a variety of reuse options. For a wreath that originally used fresh evergreen boughs or holly leaves, simply remove the older parts of the wreath. Add dried fruit, nuts, and seed to the openings, creating a feeding wreath the birds will certainly welcome. You may also wish to save the frame until early spring. The unit can be filled with nesting material and placed outdoors for the birds to create their new homes.

Make good use of your old and tired decorations while assisting your local wildlife. For items than cannot be converted to a new use, consider traditional recycling methods for them. BestNest has a wide selection of bird seed, suet, and other birding items available in the Wild Birds department, to meet all your birding needs. If you would like more personal assistance, please call one of our customer service representatives toll free at 877-562-1818 from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday.

Birdola Woodpecker Seed Cake, 2.5 lbs., Pack of 8
Reg:  $59.99
Now: $54.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Birdola Wild Bird Block, 7 lbs.
Reg:  $16.99
Now: $14.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Wild Bird Seed Mix, Waste Free Blend, 50 lbs
Reg:  $99.99
Now: $89.99
Free Shipping

Sunflower Chips & Seed Vault Storage Package, 50 lbs
Reg:  $152.47
Now: $139.99
Free Shipping

C&S Hot Pepper Delight Premium Suet, 11.75 oz, Pack of 12
Reg:  $37.99
Now: $29.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Droll Yankees Jagunda Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder with Auger
Reg:  $144.99
Now: $129.99
Free Shipping

Double Sided Absolute II Bird Feeder w/Pole and Hanger
Reg:  $89.99
Now: $72.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Rubicon Suet Feeder with Tail Prop
Reg:  $16.99
Now: $12.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Wildlife Sciences Suet Plus Variety Pack, 6 Suet Cakes
Reg:  $11.99
Now: $9.49
Free Shipping Over $75