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BestNest.com Newsletter
October 26, 2010

The BestNest.com Newsletter offers fascinating content on backyard wildlife and outdoor activities as well as information on new products and specials. We will never sell your email address, and you can stop receiving our email newsletter at any time.

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New at the Nest
Our customers are valuable to us. We continually search for new and better ways to serve you. In an effort to better meet your needs, BestNest aggressively adds new products to the website. Some of the new and exciting products that we've added are shown below. Be sure to check out our New Items department regularly.

Aspire Designs Chatfield Bird House, Metallic Blue Roof
Reg:  $229.99
Now: $199.99
Free Shipping

CobraCo Vertical Planting System with Obelisks, Black, 54"H
Reg:  $259.99
Now: $219.99
Free Shipping

Planter's Pride Deluxe Heated Seedling Mat, 10" x 20"
Reg:  $37.99
Now: $29.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Planter's Pride Gel2Root Propagation System w/Tray & Dome
Reg:  $19.99
Now: $15.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Planter's Pride Fiber Grow Greenhouse Kit, 20 Pellets
Reg:  $9.99
Now: $7.49
Free Shipping Over $75

Planter's Pride Deluxe Heated Greenhouse Kit
Reg:  $64.99
Now: $49.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Sales & Specials
We've decided to run a special on a handful of products. Act now on the following "Hot Buys" because the special ends on Monday, November 1st. Be sure to check out all of our exciting specials by visiting the Hot Buys department regularly.

Wing & A Prayer Plantation Bird House, Hammered Copper Roof
Reg:  $234.99
Sale:$184.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping

Coveside Panoramic In-House Bird Feeder with Mirrored Back
Reg:  $129.99
Sale:$109.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping

Gardman Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit, Black, 7'5"
Reg:  $37.99
Sale:$24.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping Over $75

Heath Aluminum 18-Room Deluxe Martin House
Reg:  $119.99
Sale:$94.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping

Home Bazaar Post Lane Cottage Bird House
Reg:  $224.99
Sale:$159.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping

Heartwood Oct-Avian, Verdigris Copper Roof
Reg:  $249.99
Sale:$209.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping

Panacea Mission Log Bin with Leather Log Tote
Reg:  $79.99
Sale:$59.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping Over $75

Pondmaster Pond-Mag 5 Pump, 500 gph
Reg:  $99.99
Sale:$72.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping Over $75

Perky Pet Triple Tube Bird Feeder, Charcoal
Reg:  $69.99
Sale:$54.99 thru 11/1
Free Shipping Over $75

A few of our deeply discounted items appear below. These items feature exceptional savings and value but are not all of our sale items. More discounted items may be found in their corresponding departments. Be sure to check out some of our other exciting deals by visiting the Clearance department regularly.

Achla Tumbling Compost Mixer, Black
Reg:  $239.99
Free Shipping

Cal Pump Mini EggLites w/ Transformer, Red LED, 2-pack
Reg:  $54.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Cal Pump Stainless Steel Pump with 30' Cord, 225 gph
Reg:  $149.99
Free Shipping

CobraCo Basic Leaf Corner Deck Planter, Black
Reg:  $13.99
Free Shipping Over $75

DRAMM Handi-Reach Aluminum Hanging Basket Watering Wand, 32"
Reg:  $12.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Dr. T's Cobweb Eliminator, 32 oz.
Reg:  $12.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Home Bazaar Hacienda Bird House
Reg:  $84.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Flickering LED Candle, White, Vanilla, 10" Square Pillar
Reg:  $39.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Tweber Pinning Case
Reg:  $24.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Winterizing Your Pond
With the onset of cold weather, it is a good time to think about overwintering your decorative pond or water garden. The most important thing to consider when overwintering your pond is caring for plants and animals.

Many plants can easily survive in the depths of your pond, but others need special care. Water lilies, cattails, and sedges should be trimmed to approximately an inch above the bulb and kept in the bottom of the pond to wait out the winter. More delicate plants, such as tropical lilies, taro, and elodea, should be brought into an indoor aquarium with an aerator for the colder months. Water lettuce and water hyacinth, are best discarded, as they are tedious to overwinter and relatively inexpensive to replace.

Fish and other cold blooded aquatic life react drastically to changes in their environment. In the cold, most fish go into a dormant state called torpor. When the outside temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit for more than five consecutive days, stop feeding the fish altogether to aid the transition into a dormant state. This prevents any undigested food remaining in the digestive system as fish begin their torpor. In their dormant state, fish continue to create waste, a large portion of which is toxic ammonia. To combat an ammonia build up, maintain a hole in the top of your pond with a deicer. This access hole allows harmful gases to escape through the ice. To ensure high oxygen levels, you may wish to keep an aerator running throughout the winter months.

As preventative maintenance for the spring, you may want to clean the loose organic debris from your pond. As leaves and other organic debris decay, ammonia and other toxins will pollute your water. Maintaining a hole in the ice covering a pond will release the toxic gases produced by decay as well as fish waste. Pond nets that cover or float on top of the water are a good investment for ponds that tend to collect fallen leaves and debris. Minor cleaning is best performed using heavy duty pond nets or garden rakes.

Properly winterizing your water feature will keep your aquatic life happy, healthy, and ready for next year. We carry a large selection of deicers, nets, and pond maintenance items to help keep your water feature healthy all winter. Please visit our Water Gardens department to view all our exciting pond items. If you would like more personal assistance, feel free to call us toll free at 877-562-1818 between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday. You may also e-mail us at customerservice@bestnest.com.

Allied Precision Pond Breather, 40 Watts
Reg:  $89.99
Now: $74.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Microbe Lift Autumn / Winter Prep, 1 Gallon
Reg:  $99.99
Now: $84.99
Free Shipping

Microbe-Lift Xtreme Full Function Water Conditioner, 1 gal
Reg:  $49.99
Now: $44.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Farm Innovators Ice Chaser Floating Pond Deicer, 1250 Watts
Reg:  $49.99
Now: $39.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Farm Innovators Heated Pond Saucer, 200 Watts
Reg:  $47.99
Now: $39.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Gardeneer Pond & Pool Floating Net, 28' x 45'
Reg:  $62.99
Now: $57.99
Free Shipping Over $75

K&H Thermo-Pond 100 Watt Pond Deicer
Reg:  $54.99
Now: $44.99
Free Shipping Over $75

Pondmaster Floating Pond Netting, 7' x 10'
Reg:  $13.99
Now: $12.49
Free Shipping Over $75

Pondmaster Air Pump with Diffuser, 9150 cu. in./min.
Reg:  $219.99
Now: $169.99
Free Shipping