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The BestNest.com Newsletter offers fascinating content on backyard birding and wildlife conservation as well as information about upcoming specials, additional online content, and new product offerings.

We've recently introduced the Waterfalls of Nature line of natural-looking baths. These instant water gardens feature real crushed rock exteriors for natural look and weathering. Many also feature built-in, concealed pumps and feature waterfalls! Running water attracts birds and other wildlife!

The featured products below are just a few of the models we stock.

Sapphire Falls Instant Water Garden w/ Pump
Sale $179.95
Bird Nest Cascade
Now $379.95
Birdsong Cascade
Now $229.95
Cascading Tower & Pond
Now $229.95
Ripple Cascade
Sale $189.95
Bird Bath Pebble Bubbler
Sale $149.95

Our new Rubicon feeders are made from recycled milk jugs and are made to last forever! Each carries a 100 year manufacturer guarantee - even against squirrel damage! The bluebird houses have been approved by the North American Bluebird Society, and the other houses and feeders are both attractive and very functional.

The following Rubicon recycled plastic feeders and houses are just a few of the models we stock.

Rubicon NABS Approved Two-toned Bluebird Box, Ivory / Green
Now $36.95
Rubicon NABS Approved Bluebird Nesting Box, Driftwood
Now $42.95
Rubicon Four Chambered Bat House, Gray, 150 bats
Now $59.95
Rubicon Fruit Feeder, Hunter Green / Driftwood
Now $17.95
Rubicon Large Double Hopper w/ Suet Cages
Sale $89.95
Rubicon Platform Feeder, Hunter Green / Driftwood
Now $39.95
Rubicon Small Upside-Down Suet Feeder, Green / Driftwood
Now $24.95
Rubicon Tube Feeder w/o Seed Tray, Ivory / Hunter Green
Sale $39.95
Rubicon Wren House, Hunter Green/Driftwood
Now $22.95

Opus has recently added some very attractive birdbaths and garden accents to their line. The products below are just a few of the new clocks, birdbaths, thermometer, stepping stones, and bird feeders available.
Hummingbird Clock and Thermometer
Now $54.99
Mosaic Garden Thermometer
Now $89.99
Tiffany Style Stepping Stone, Cardinal
Now $39.99
Opus Avant Garden Standing or Hanging Birdbath
Now $34.99
Tiffany Style Mosaic Birdbath and Stand, Hummingbird
Now $89.95
Tiffany Style Mosaic Birdbath and Stand, Iris
Now $89.95

This month, we've written a comprehensive FAQ that addresses most of the common questions we've been asked about birdbaths and birdbath de-icers. We've addressed the following questions:
  • Why would I want to use a birdbath?
  • What type of birdbath do I need?
  • What size birdbath do I need?
  • Where should I place my birdbath?
  • When should I put out my birdbath?
  • Should I clean my birdbath?
  • How often should I replace the water?
  • Do I need a heated birdbath or a birdbath de-icer?
  • Can I use a birdbath de-icer with my existing plastic/metal/concrete birdbath?
  • I put out a birdbath, but no birds will use it. What can I do?
Because of the length of this article, we've not included it in the newsletter, however, you may find the complete Birdbath FAQ in our Learning Center at http://www.bestnest.com/bestnest/lc/lc_birdbath_faq.asp.

CONGRATULATIONS to Diane Burck who just won a new Aspects HummZinger Ultra w/ Nectar Guard, 12 oz! To claim your prize, please send an email to customerservice@bestnest.com and include your address information and telephone number. We may follow-up with a phone call to verify your address information and identity. Congratulations!

Next issue, our winner will receive a new:
The Little Flyer Hummingbird Feeder w/ Free HummerPlus Brush

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