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La Crosse Color LCD Weather Station, White
Embrace the next generation of weather forecasting with the La Crosse Color LCD Weather Station. This innovative station offers a wealth of weather information at once. The large, full color LCD screen displays the indoor or outdoor temperature, indoor or outdoor humidity, weather forecast icon, time, and air pressure at once. The top left has the temperature from indoors or out, in your choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius. The relative humidity follows from inside or outside. The outdoor information is gathered from a remote sensor placed outdoors up to 246 feet away. This console can receive information from up to three separate sensors, for a more complete reading. One outdoor sensor is included in this package. Both the temperature and humidity readings are surrounded by a "C" shaped color graph, which lights up higher on the shape the warmer and more humid the area. Next to the temperature and humidity rest five weather icons, indicating sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, stormy, and rainy weather. The projected forecast is indicated with a lit square around the icon, based on the barometric pressure. Below the temperature is the time received from the WWVB, the radio station in conjunction with the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. An antenna in the console receives a signal emitted from the radio station from up to 2,000 miles away. This keeps the most accurate time possible. A small icon next to the time indicates whether the clock is searching for the radio signal or is currently receiving it. The bottom section of the display offers a weather tendency arrow, which indicates if the air pressure is increasing, remaining steady, or decreasing. Lastly, the air pressure in your choice of millibars, inches of Mercury, or hectoPascals rests in the bottom right corner of the screen. A full color image of a cloud filled sky creates a soothing background for the display, and the white casing offers a traditional feel to the unit.

This weather station not only offers the aforementioned information, it can also act as an alarm clock and display both the heat index and dew point. Heat index refers to the apparent temperature, or how hot it actually feels outside. When the heat index button is pressed, the station will combine either the indoor or outdoor temperature and humidity. During times of high heat indices, an alert will appear on the screen to caution whether it is safe to exercise outside, and if heat cramps or exhaustion is likely. This same console can also indicate the dew point, meaning the temperature to which the air must cool in order to have condensation. Additionally, the console can indicate if the combined effects of temperature and humidity have made it comfortable, wet, or dry either indoors or out. Use the up and down arrows to set your altitude, for more accurate pressure readings. Set the alarm by pressing the alarm button for a bold awakening, and press the large snooze button on top of the console for a few extra minutes of sleep. This will also alight the backlight for a few moments. The brightness of the backlight can be adjusted by a tab on the back of the item as well, and the clock can be set to your time zone using the zone button on the back for even more accurate timekeeping. The outdoor sensor uses two AAA batteries for power (not included), and the main console runs on either three AAA batteries (not included) or the included AC adapter. Mount the remote sensor outdoors in an area protected from moisture, and place the main unit on any flat surface. Enjoy monitoring the weather in color with this Color LCD Weather Station. One year limited warranty.

Main Unit Dimensions: 6.625"L x 2"W x 3.625"H
Sensor Dimensions: 2.25"L x 1"D x 3.625"H
Main Unit Power: 3 AAA batteries (not included) or AC adapter (included)
Sensor Power: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Indoor Temperature Range: 32° Fahrenheit to 122° Fahrenheit
Outdoor Temperature Range: -4° Fahrenheit to 140° Fahrenheit
Indoor Humidity Range: 20% to 99%
Outdoor Humidity Range: 20% to 99%
Transmission Distance: up to 246 ft.
Main Unit Mounting: place on flat surface
Sensor Mounting: wall mount
Construction: plastic housing
Mfg. Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
Brand: La Crosse Technology
Item Number: LCT-WS-450W
Availability: 1 in Stock. Ships from OH within 24 business hours , 1 available at this price!
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
Reg:  $82.99
Sale Price: $42.99
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