Summer Bird Feeding

As summer dawns, most of us will be outdoors more often and we will see our winter hobbies give way to our warm weather pastimes. Backyard birding is one winter hobby we see disappear all too swiftly in warm weather. Many believe that birds simply do not need our help in the summer and we put up our feeders to be brought out again next winter. Bird feeding during the summer is certainly not a necessity, as birds have survived without man's seed offerings for thousands of years; however, it is a fun and rewarding hobby and a fantastic way to enjoy nature. Both birds and we enthusiastic hobbyists can find a number of great benefits to summer bird feeding.

The birds most helped by maintained summer bird feeders are the adult nesting birds; especially those who brood more than once a year. Foraging through the area for seed, insects, or other viable food sources for nestlings takes a significant amount of effort for birds and adults often do not have time to forage for themselves. When seed, fruit, or insects are readily available at a nearby feeder, adults can grab a quick snack and will better care for and protect the nest. This will lead to stronger offspring and a healthier population overall. Some species of bird will even bring juveniles to the feeder to dine, offering you a better chance to see them away from the nest.

A wealth of birds migrates toward more temperate climates for breeding during the summer. This brings a wider variety of birds to the area than are traditionally seen in winter. These birds on migration will often be fatigued and will only be stopping briefly to forage before continuing their journeys. With seed, suet, or insects readily available, you will often be rewarded with sightings that otherwise would go unnoticed. To maximize the potential bird variety in your garden, add several different types of feeders; particularly ones that feed fruit, jelly, mealworms, and nectar. This heightens the attractiveness of your area to specific groups of bird.

The warm, sunny days of summer not only create fantastic conditions for picnics and outdoor activities; but also present perfect birding conditions. The warm temperatures, sunny conditions, and longer days of summer create excellent chances to see more birds than in winter. Early summer mornings and dusks are a great time to see birding action up close at the feeders. Watch the birds in your garden prepare for the day or flock around feeders for a nightly snack.

Feeding birds throughout the summer is a great opportunity to help their populations and enjoy your hobby year-round. Always remember to practice responsible feeding, by keeping the feeders clean and ensuring that no food has spoiled. If birds are using your feeders regularly, be sure to leave them out through the spring and autumn, when they are needed most for breeding or preparing for the winter. The summer months offer plenty of warm weather and outdoor fun, and feeding birds truly adds to your seasonal enjoyment. We have a complete line of feeders and birding items to meet your needs in our Wild Birds Department.